by Brennan and Jill Collins

Brandt was great to work with and helped us secure a great house in Coppell, where houses were flying off the market in less than a day. He has an eye for style but also brought an analytical approach.

When we were considering whether to buy a house that already had work done or one that needed some updates, Brandt was able to clearly take us through how much each option would cost us. Based on his days, he knows the cost of supplies and labor for EVERYTHING.

For example, Brandt could tell us almost exactly how much different flooring types and cabinets would cost based on the square footage. He even spotted places where efficient windows would save on our utility bills, told us what that equated to in lower mortgage payments, and suggested how much more house we could afford as a result.

His experience really helped us narrow down the right houses for our budget and put in an aggressive offer that matched the home’s true value based on the necessary work. He was a pleasure to work with!